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The Buffalo Valley Counseling Center is a non-denominational Christian agency designed to help individuals and families just like you.  Our goal is to help people achieve health and happiness the way God intended to be in their life. We provide answers to the problems in life. We give you Biblical answers that make practical sense. We engage in Cognitive Therapy with our patients to teach them how to work through their conflicts. We teach Emotional Detachment Techniques to help people protect themselves from abusive relationships. We teach Transformational Thinking Techniques to teach people how to think positive thoughts and gain better self-esteem. We teach the Christian 12 Steps of Recovery to help people with Addictions and Compulsive behavior issues. We aid people who have suffered abuses and have trouble with hurtful memories. We provide accountability, prayer, and encouragement to guide our patients through the counseling process. We also provide life coaching for our patients to help them with decisions about their lives.  

Tri·chot·o·my- A division into three categories. Body, Soul and Spirit.


Mystic: One who believes in the spiritual pursuit of truths that

                 are beyond human intellect.

Thus the Term: Trichoto-mystic Counseling

Iam a Trichoto-mystic Christian Counselor.

Most cognitive therapy or counseling only deals with the Soul (meaning mind and emotions) and the physical body and its health. Trichotomystic Counseling deals with the Spiritual areas of the human condition. So if one is an Atheist or an Agnostic they may not choose this type of counseling.

In Trichoto-mystic Counseling we look at ones family of origin, their life experiences, and their goals for the future. We teach people how to face and greave over their losses and how to learn from them and move forward in a positive outlook. We also teach them to how to have a better relationship with God and how to interpret and respond to Spiritual struggles in their daily life.

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